Support the Friends

      Friends members have the
opportunity to assist the Library through various committees that
strengthen the Library while entertaining and educating the public. You
may be able to perform a valuable function that enhances our maritime
heritage by volunteering in reference, research, cataloging, membership
development, book acquisition, sales, fund-raising, special events, or
clerical support. Please contact the Principal Librarian if you wish to
explore any of these opportunities at 415-561-7031, or see the
Library's support and volunteering webpage for more details.


Library Materials

Donation of books, periodicals and recordings of sea chanteys to the
Library Friends is encouraged. These donations are immediately offered
to the Library,
which selects items to add to the library collection.

Items not selected are then sold at our onsite and internet book
sales, with proceeds applied to care of the library collection and
purchase of books and other library materials.

Such donations to the Library Friends are tax-deductible to the
extent allowed by law. A donor wishing to claim an income tax deduction
may need to have the donation appraised. Appraisal, when desired,
should be completed before deposit of the donation with the Library
Friends, although special arrangements may be made to hold the donation
intact for a limited period while the Donor arranges for an appraisal.
To protect both the donor and the Library Friends, no appraisal may be
made by the Library Friends. Since tax laws change from time to time,
donors are encouraged to consult the IRS or a tax expert about current

In some cases, donors prefer to donate directly to the National
Park Service; such donations are also tax-deductible to the extent
allowed by law.

For more information, contact the Book Committee Chairman, Doug Burrill.

Other Donations

There are many other ways you can help:

  • Donations in kind--stocks, bonds, real estate, or items
    useful for a library. If you wish to donate an item other than a
    readily marketable security, inquire as to what items are needed. You
    may take a tax deduction of the fair market value of your donation.
  • Corporate matching programs--many employers will match
    your cash contribution to qualified charities. Check with your
    employers to see if they will match your qualified charitable donation.
  • United Way--many employers participate in the United Way
    program. Direct your United Way donation to Friends of the San
    Francisco Maritime Museum Library, Building E, Fort Mason Center, San
    Francisco, CA 94602-1394.

Estate Planning/Planned Giving

You can:

  • Honor a friend or a loved one with a gift to the Library Friends.
  • Make gifts to the Library Friends as part of a planned giving program.
  • Make a bequest to Friends of the San Francisco Maritime Museum
    Library in your will.
  • Purchase a gift annuity to increase your retirement income and
    benefit the Library Friends.
  • Establish trusts to increase your financial security and benefit
    the Library Friends.

For more information about these opportunites, email or phone the
Friends' office at 415-561-7040.

The Friends of the San Francisco Maritime Museum Library is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization
Our federal Tax ID number is: 94-2879-289

Online Book Sales

The Library Friends sell books online at ABE Books. To search for our
Visit our ABE web page, and select "Search our inventory" or "Browse our
inventory." If you order from us, please keep in mind that all work on
the book sale is done by volunteers, whose schedules vary, and we
appreciate your patience.

And, we could use your help with the booksales! To volunteer, please contact the
Friends Office
To volunteer for other Library tasks, please call the Park's Volunteer
Office at 415-556-1613.

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