Treasure Ship

Dennis M. Powers

The Legend and Legacy of the S.S. Brother Johnathan>

Caught in the tumultuous sea off the coast off the coast of northern California in 1865, the 220-foot sidewheeler S.S, Brother Johnathon skidded down the face of a massive wave and slammed into an uncharted reef. Within forty-five minutes she went under, taking with her 225 passengers and a multi-million-dollar bounty of newly minted gold bars and coins. Only 19 people made it to shore.

For more that a hundred years the ship's location remained one of the Pacific's greatest secrets. Countless expeditions were foiled by treacherous storms and relentless waves -- until 1993. Treasure Ship chronicles the epic quest of the Deep Sea Research team, whose unique thinking and application of technology led them to the ship's ultimate resting place. They brought up well over one thousand gold coins and a lot of trouble, as legal disputes raged to the U.S. Supreme Court. Filled with heroism and tragedy, perseverance and ingenuity, Treasure Ship is a ripping yarn the part history, part adventure tale -- and all completely true.

Price: $15.95
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