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Seeing the Eliphant

Kenneth R. Martin

A Maine Couple's Adventures in Gold Rush San Francisco

It's all there - lawlessness, vigilante justice, slapdash development, gamblers, con artist, Promoters and dreamers. And through it all is woven the personal story of James and Rebecca and their adventures far removed from the humdrum, conventional life of Gardiner, Maine - the home they left for opportunity and adventure and to which Rebecca returned, a widow with three children, having seen the elephant.

A Fleet to be Forgotten

Louis A. Hough

The Liberty Ships of their day, they were meant to be built quickly to fill the need for vital goods to be transported to Europe, but in the end were massively overproduced, and forgotten by a government embarrassed by its "terrible waste of timber, toil and treasure."

Glory of the Seas

Michael Jay Mjelde

The story of the great clipper ship that was the last of Donald McKay's masterpieces.

Treasure Ship

Dennis M. Powers

The Legend and Legacy of the S.S. Brother Johnathan>

Caught in the tumultuous sea off the coast off the coast of northern California in 1865, the 220-foot sidewheeler S.S, Brother Johnathon skidded down the face of a massive wave and slammed into an uncharted reef. Within forty-five minutes she went under, taking with her 225 passengers and a multi-million-dollar bounty of newly minted gold bars and coins. Only 19 people made it to shore.

Morning of Fire

Scott Ridley

John Kendrick's Daring American Odyssey in the Pacific

Sentinel of the Seas

Dennis M. Powers

Life and Death at the Most Dangerous Lighthouse Ever Built.

Gold, Silk, Pioneers & Mail: The Story of the Pacific Mail Steamship Company

Robert J. Chandler, Ph.D., and Stephen J. Potash

There has not been an in-depth look at this venerable line
for more than fifty years. Robert J. Chandler and Stephen J. Potash
have now done so in this magnificent monograph, including more than 60
illustrations from the authors' collections of art and ephemera.

W. A. Coulter Marine Artist

James V. Coulter

This illustrated booklet chronicling the life and career of
William A. Coulter was published by his son, James V. Coulter, in conjunction
with the Sausalito Historical Society.

Clipper Ship Captain

Michael Jay Mjelde
The White Flyers

George F. Gruner

The Harvard and the Yale set
the standard for speed and comfort in steamship travel for more than
four decades.

Shipping and Culture

Olaf T. Engvig

Tells how people of the shipping community--shipping and business executives, ships' agents, captains
and others--convened at the Norwegian Fish Club to promote, finance and conduct enterprises to the benefit of the society at large.

Steel Ships and Iron Pipe

Dean L. Mawdsley

Western Pipe and Steel Company of California,
The Company,
The Yard, The Ships

The Voyages of the Ship Revere

Madeline Rowse Gleason

The history of a 19th Century sailing ship.

Cruise Books of the United States Navy in World War II

Dean L. Mawdsley

A Bibliography

With the Sommelsdijk in the Far Pacific

Paul M. Ellwood MD

World War II experiences of a naval medical officer.

Editing and supplemental materials by
Dean L. Mawdsley MD

The Sea Was Calling

Oskar A. Moe

A remarkable story it is, simply told, of a boy who leaves home for the sea, not at all certain the he's doing the right thing. He makes his decisions ashe grows into a man, now at sea, now ashore, but always returning to the sea. And so he becomes the one who is invited to cruise to the 50-year anniversary of D-Day because he was there. He corrects and admiral who spins a remarkable Normandy tale, and he is commended for it by Walter Cronkite.