Library Friends Endowments

Karl Kortum Endowment for Maritime History

This fund was founded in 1995 by Mrs. Mitchell Lyman with $10,000. Within a broad vision, its central aim is to foster research in selected fields of West Coast maritime history by presenting a $1,000 award bienially. Several Kortum Awards have been given to date; a number of winning manuscripts have subsequently been published.

Dean Mawdsley Endowment Fund for Collection Development

This fund was founded in 1995 by Dr. Dean Mawdsley with a $25,000 Challenge Grant, which had to be matched within a year. Its aim is to fund acquistions for the Library which are beyond the reach of the federal core Acquisitions Fund of the Library.

Donald V. Reardon Trust

Founded in 1999 by Donald V. Reardon with $43,000, its aim is to fund collection management tasks and functions which are beyond the core tasks and functions of federal funding for the Library. At present, this fund provides remote storage because current Library stacks are full. This makes possible vital ongoing collection development.

Huycke Publications Endowment

Founded in 1999 by Dr. Dean Mawdsley with $25,000, the establishment document provides a naming opportunity for this fund in consequence of a minimum donation of $40,000. It was established as a revolving fund and authority granted to expend up to one-third of its principal per year in pursuit of its aim, which is to publish relevant maritime manuscripts; provision is made for this fund to become a permanent fund when its principal reaches $500,000.

George W. Davis Family Education Fund

Founded in 1997 with $2000 and a pledge to make an annual donation to its principal. Its aim is to foster eduation and research in West Coast maritime history, particularly as it relates to resources in the Library. By the end of 2002, this fund reached the threshold for activity and began its work in 2003 by funding promotion of a 3-unit class, co-sponsored by the Park and the California Maritime Academy.

Administration Endowment

This endowment was created by the Society of Maritime Arbitrators of San Francisco, to establish a permanent fund, the proceeds of which contribute to the support of the Library Friends administration. By design, this fund provides a naming opportunity.

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